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Coalescer Training – Principles and Industrial Applications

Course: Half Day, 0.4 CEUs
Ali Arshad – Instructor

This course will cover the basics of liquid/liquid and liquid/gas coalescing including the principles of coalescing through fibrous media and modeling vertical and horizontal coalescer systems. The effects of various physical parameters such as viscosity, density difference and interfacial tension will be addressed in terms of how they affect sizing and performance. Field and laboratory test methods for rating the performance of coalescers will also be presented. Industrial separation applications will be reviewed along with practical examples of case histories.

Instructor Bio:

Ali Arshad, Ph.D. is a Vice President with the Scientific & Laboratory Services (SLS) Department at Pall Corporation. After receiving his Ph.D. degree in Chemical Engineering and pursuing a Post Doctoral research program on low energy surfactant-based separation technologies at University of Oklahoma he joined Pall Corporation in 1991 as a Staff Scientist. During his tenure at Pall, he has focused on process analysis and development and global technical customer and sales support of filtration & separation products in the Fuels and Chemicals market. He authored several technical papers and presented his work at various conferences. He is a member of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AICHE).